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The normal term for elected and appointed committee members is two years.  All committees are seated from July 1 to June 30.  The number in parenthesis is the year a committee member's term ends.

**Membership and officers on committees for the 2017-2018 term will be updated as the new information is provided.    Please contact the Webmaster with updates and/or corrections. 

(Elected by the Community)

Mariletta Reazin - Chairwoman (18)
Cathy Stull - Secretary (18)
Jacque Tomlinson - Treasurer (18)
Arlene Duda (19)
Jane Hart (19)
Sis Schwartz (18)
Leslie Sullam (19)

Ad Hoc Activities Volunteers

Gay Oneil

Architectural Review Committee (Appointed by the BOT)

Connie Scoggins - Chairwoman (18)
Jim Cullen - Vice Chairman (18)
Mary Jane Poole - Secretary (19)
Charlie Crockett (19)
Jim Parsley (18)
Charles Smith (19)
Linda Wensley (19)

Building and Grounds Committee (Appointed by the BOT)

Mike Naham (19)
Jim Parsley (19)
Harold Perkins (19)
Bill Rucker (19)

Clubhouse Funds (Elected by the Community)

Paula Blundell - Chairwoman (18)
Mary Gorden - Treasurer (18)
Beverly Schaff - Secretary (19)
Judy Elmer (18)
Ernest Thomas (19)

Hospitality (Volunteers)

Therese Oseneek - Chairwoman
Harold Perkins - Vice Chairman
Sharon Cudlipp - Secretary
Meg Gillam - Treasurer
Thelma Davenhall
Carol Hannam
Bernadine Hoffman
Theresa Hubin
Tina Parrish
Esther Roberts
Mary Roe
Donna Wells

Finance (Appointed by the BOT)

Bob Lawrence - Chairman (18)
Doris Vierbuchen (18)
Bernadine Hoffman (18)


Frank Briggs
Ruthanna Geisbert
Parky Guedel
Therese Oseneek

Nominating Committee 2018 (Appointed by the BOT President)

Marilyn Abell - Chairwoman
Barbara Anderson
Janet Davis
Jan Fullerton
Sis Schwartz

Elections Committee 2018 (Appointed by the BOT President)

Linda Bell
Ruth Delawder
Linda Herrick
Bob Jones
Charlie Kimbel
Esther Perkins
John Riggleman

Village Voice
(Appointed by the BOT President)

Betsy Covel - Chairwoman (18)
Barbara Anderson (18)
Anne Barci (19)
Linda Bell (19)
Parky Guedel (18)
Bernadine Hoffman (19)
Esther Roberts (18)

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