Crestwood Village, Frederick, MD
6902 Crabapple Drive
Frederick, MD  21703
301 662-0400

Events and Calendar

Sign ups (when required) for events may be made at the front desk or by calling the front desk.  Payments (when applicable) may be made by check or by cash (if fee is $10 or less) and given to the person at the front desk by the published deadline who will provide a receipt.  Please remember that when you sign up for an activity you must pay any fees within seven (7) days.  If you haven't paid by that time your name will be removed and placed on the waiting list.  The first person on the waiting list will be given your place on the list.  More information on any event may be obtained through The Village Voice, visiting the clubhouse, by phoning the front desk, or by contacting any member of the Activities Committee.

September 2019

  2nd:    Pool Closing Party, noon.  Fried chicken, soft drinks.  Bring a dish/dessert to share.  Sign up please.
12th:     Pianist Thomas Pandolfi performs, 6:15 PM.  Wine and cheese.  Sign up and pay $5 please. 
13th:     Potluck.  Doors open at 5:00 PM, serving starts at 5:15 PM.  Sign up please.
17th:     The Great Frederick Fair.  Bus leaves at 10 AM, returns after lunch.  Sign up for the bus please.   
18th:     Lunch Bunch, The Mount Airy Tavern.  The bus leaves at 11:30 AM.  Sign up please.
19th:     The League of Learners, "Medical Cannabis," 1:00 PM.  Sign up please.
26th:     Dementia Workshop at FCC.  The bus leaves at 12:45 PM.  Sign up please.  No cost.
27th:     Dinner and a Movie, "Poms," 5:00 PM.  Sign up and pay $5 please.             
Upcoming Events

- Elder Expo, October 2.  Bus leaves at 8:30 AM and returns after lunch.  Sign up please.

- 40th Anniversary Party for Crestwood Village, October 26 at 11:30 AM.  Sign up please.

- "Miracle of Christmas" at Sign and Sound Theater, December 18.  $56.05.  Waiting list available.



EZ Exercise - EZ Exercise is the name for a half-hour exerclass on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 AM in the auditorium.  The 30 minute program starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down.  In between, the routines offer a whole body work-out that emphasizes stretching and flexibility.  Also included is about an eight minute aerobics routine.  For more information, call Linda Bell at 301-620-9272.

Yoga - Call Leslie Sullam 954 235-8701 for more information.


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